It all started with a little chat between Luís and Gonçalo, colleagues for 4 years in a specialized company that works with industrial refrigeration.

“We want our clients to interact with their work. We want them to get to know a different way of working, a safer way, a brilliant way, an exciting way. We’ll show them an augmented reality, a huge reality. Our reality, which is a little bit different than yours.”

Glartek doesn’t want routine. We don’t tolerate it. To escape from that, Glartek brings a combination of cyber physical systems that can change the life of human beings by interacting with them in real time. What once appeared to be real, is now super real.

We’re living a 4th Industrial Revolution. Why can’t Glartek contribute? This is the time of computerized manufacturing. This is the time of automated products, interoperability, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralized decisions. The World is screaming for innovation, for different projects, ideas, ideologies. The World is screaming for Glartek.