In industrial production, when a machine stops due to mechanical failures it means high costs to the company. To avoid this long downtimes, Glartek has created a digital system that reads information from sensors of industrial machines and equipment in a much more intuitive way. Through this system we are able to connect IOT to Augmented Reality.

You can access to this new reality just by pointing a mobile device (a tablet, for instance) to a machine and see where are the highlights and all the relevant data and information in real time.

“By displaying all the data from the machine’s sensors more quickly and intuitively, we have a real time access to the temperature, pressure or energy that is being spent by the equipment”, says Luís Murcho, CEO & Founder of Glartek

Born in July, the company has developed a pilot project for Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), where we could analyse the machines that support the building’s air conditioning. However, the goal is to reach other customers, since “the project is suitable for all types of industrial equipments, such as, eletric stations, air conditioning/refrigeration or production lines”, says Gonçalo Santos, Founder and CTO of Glartek, which was distinguished at EDP Open Innovation Awards. Glartek expects to conquer new clients at distribution sector.

After a short incubation period at EDP Starter, Glartek is now integrating two Start Ups accelerators, one in Italy (Venice) and one in Spain (Bilbao).

Glartek was also one of the eleven Start Ups that were present at the Web Summit 2016, by the hand of EDP Starter.

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