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Use Case

4M Analysis

What is the 4M Analysis process?

The 4M is a troubleshooting and risk-management method common in manufacturing. The operational process allows to identify and group causes that impact operations and cause a specific effect on anything from Material, Method, Machine, or the Workforce.

Therefore, the 4M Analysis aims to avoid situations that may endanger anything from material to the workers themselves, and that may cause unexpected operational downtime.

4M Analysis use case

How is 4M Analysis process implemented?

4M Analysis fishbone chart

All 4M can possibly contribute to a certain issue in the organization that may generate unexpected downtime.

Therefore, the process must include a clear improvement definition, followed by a list of potential issues of the method, and finally, issues that were found must be solved quickly. 

The main issues categories are:

  • Man: Competencies, technology, organization, resources, or bad communication.
  • Machine: Setup/installation, supplier, or even the own design of the equipment
  • Methods: Issues can be found on the process procedures or schedules.
  • Materials: Design, or material quality.
  • Other: Other external factors such as demand or budget can also present issues.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process digitalization

By digitizing the 4M Analysis process workers can access the information in real-time and help them in identifying the cause or causes of the problem.

STEP 2: Create checklists

Create an advanced digital checklist directly on the shopfloor to identify issues with any of the "M" and record them for future analysis. The checklist can be activated whenever needed and the content adjusted as required.


Knowledge retention

Graphic format

Automatic reports

With Industry 4.0 tools, knowledge retention is optimized and accelerated. The graphic format helps the worker to have a better understanding of the information. The automatic reports can be used for audits, inspections, and, to improve the overall decision-making process.

How can we help?

With Glartek digital processes are the new reality. The new Augmented & Connected worker performs better, with the support of digital processes, enabling a never seen before mobility. The solution automatically creates reports and metrics with relevant information displayed in a graphical format. This information makes it easier to identify any recurring issues and apply corrective measures.

Find out more about how to optimize your 4M Analysis process with Industry 4.0 technologies!