Asset management and IoT monitoring

Asset management and IoT monitoring

Collect information from your equipment (IoT) and manage assets

Support decision making with IoT information

Get a global view of your shop floor assets, their role in processes and their behaviour, supporting decision making and enabling preventive actions. Use information extracted from equipment to improve decisions. Through industrial protocols, get to know the operational data of your machines, analyze and enhance preventive actions, by predicting atypical behaviors that may present a risk to equipment or workers' safety.



Asset tracking

Organize your assets by function, location, among others, and achieve a global view of your current situation and future needs.

Operational control

Increase control over time and security of operations by ensuring that your equipment’s behaviors are in compliance.

Production lifecycle

Ensure control over production, checking for points of improvement due to greater transparency in the entire production chain.

Opportunities identification

Identify operational growth opportunities by having a global visibility of the production chain. Identify potentials for automation and error prediction.

Inventory management

Get information extracted in real time, being able to detect production levels, eventual stops in certain sections and potential future stops.

Operational costs

Reduce costs associated with assets downtime. When regularly analyzing information extracted from your equipment, predict risky behavior.



Error identification

Get to know your equipment better, with more information about it, and enable a more efficient, accurate, and safe man-machine relationship.

Equipment conformity

Efficient compliance checks due to regular equipment monitoring regarding temperature, working time, and other information.

Task automation

Detect automation potentials in your maintenance processes in order to reduce human resources, and time.

Our Asset management and IoT monitoring solution


- Diversify information sources by giving a voice to your machinery. - Increase the quality and visibility of your processes with a connected system. - Achieve better decision-making with richer information support.

How a maintenance national reference of the operations execution time?

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