The Augmented & Connected worker

The Augmented & Connected worker: A new reality in the Industry

Increase efficiency and safety of all operations with an augmented and connected workforce.

The Augmented and Connected worker

Augmented and Connected worker to increase efficiency

The Augmented & Connected worker supported by cutting-edge digital tools to improve safety, quality, and productivity of industrial operations.

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Fewer frontline workers


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Production Increase

A new reality for a Connected and Augmented frontline team

Connect your workers with new digital tools

Digital processes, 2D mobility, Augmented Reality guidance, and centralized data management enable a more efficient and safer connected worker.


  • Reduce unplanned downtime and paper use.
  • A quicker onboarding and faster way to achieve work excellence.

Augment workers capabilities without training

Augmented Reality (AR) step-by-step guidance, ensuring your frontline workers are at the right place, and execute the task in the correct way.



  • Workers execute specialized tasks without training.
  • Full control over workflows to ensure maximum performance.
An augmented and connected workforce with digital processes

The augmented and connected worker use cases


Ensure more efficient changeovers with a specialized team supported by guides and validation.

Internal audits

Ensure that any worker is able to execute a guided audit supported by Augmented Reality (AR) tools.


More efficient inspections with visual tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) step-by-step guides.


Prepare your equipment for safety procedures through digital checklists and Augmented Reality (AR) guidance.

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"Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.."

Constatntino Pinto, Technical/Maintenance Director

Explore our Industries in which Connected worker is key to success

Augmented & Connected worker in manufacturing

Processes checklists, maintenance, safety and much more.

Augmented & Connected worker utilities industry

Permit-to-work and any other procedures to ensure workers safety.

Augmented & Connected worker: An automotive use case

Quicker problem reporting, inspections and changeovers.

Augmented & Connected worker in Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage

A connected and augmentd worker for an improved product quality

Our Augmented and Connected worker solution

GlarVision: A new reality for an Augmented and Connected worker

- Digitize processes and centralize operational information. - Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information. - Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

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