NOS Presents: 5G Industry Conference | Innovation and 5G

Watch Glartek’s CEO, Bruno Duarte, live at NOS 5G Industry Conference, to find out how 5G is shaping the way operations and technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) are deployed in the Industry.

Bioeconomy in the era of digitalization

How the chemical industry is managing its digital transformation: At minute 30 (English presentation)- Learn everything about how the Augmented & Connected Worker is reducing risk and human error, increasing the overall safety of the chemical industry operations.

A European Mobile Operator’s perspective on monetizing 5G in the Manufacturing Industry

NOS presents the impact, use cases, and benefits of implementing 5G, on Manufacturing and Industrial activities using Glartek’s connected worker solution.

GAMELabsNet – Talk #1 – IPLeiria

Augmented Reality products and their role in the Industry

RTP TECH3 Episode 39

Glartek TV report for the RTP Innovation and Technology Program

APMI Digital Transformation Webinar

How to improve asset management through digital transformation

COTEC Innovation Summit 2020

The Benefits of Augmented Reality for the Digitalization of the Industry | Glartek