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Connected and Augmented worker

Increase efficiency and safety of all operations with a connected and augmented workforce.

Deliver a connected frontline worker and customer experience

A connected and augmented frontline worker supported by cutting-edge digital tools to improve safety, quality and productivity of industrial operations.

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Trainig time reduction


Response time reduction


Execution time reduction

A new reality for a Connected and Augmented frontline team

Connect your workers with new digital tools

Digital processes, 2D and Augmented Reality mobility, and centralized data management systems enable a connected worker:  integrated with its surroundings, more efficient, safer.



  • Reduce unplanned downtime and paper use

  • A quicker onboarding and faster way to achieve work excellence

Augment workers capabilities without training

Augmented Reality (AR) step-by-step guidance, ensuring your frontline workers are at the right place, and execute the task in the correct way.



  • Monitor assistance needs with a full sessions repository
  • Detect repeated assistance needs early on to take action.

Visual Remote Assistance use cases

Remote repair and maintenance assistance

Centralize your experts’ team so they can help field workers anywhere, at any time, reparing equipment or executing maitenance procedures.

Remote Installations and setups

Reduce the amount of experts needed for specific installations or setups by enabling an augmented and more connected field-worker

Customer Service

Help your customers with repairs and installations with a remote centralized experts team

Internal communication

Improve your internal communication between experts and field-workers with visual remote assistance tools to help field-workers anywhere, at any time

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"GlarAssist has provided our field workers with a tool that makes them more efficient, and most of all, happier to work in a supportive environment. We have been able to reduce up to 20% of unnecessary time with travel, but still guaranteeing our efficiency patterns. It truly makes the difference for any business that requires field workers and more experienced specialists, that we have now managed to centralize."

Operations Director

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Reporting problems, remote audits or visits and much more.

Augmented & Connected worker utilities industry

Remote repairs, installations and maintenance for a more efficient team.

Augmented & Connected worker: An automotive use case

Reporting problems in real-time, reparing, ensuring recorded evidences

Field services supported by Visual Remote Assistance
Field services

Customer remote support for an improved service quality

Our Remote Assistance solution

- Ensure expert remote assistance support for your employees. - Enable one-man operations and reduce the number of workers. - Provide field workers with expert know-how when needed, reducing error likelihood.

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