Documents Management


OpenText is a company that develops and sells softwares that help companies managing their big amount of data. The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software help companies manage their contents and information.

OpenText data management tool manages the flow of information from its creation to its storage, printing or deliting. It manages the whole process between the capture of the information until the file in which it will be displayed to the final user.

What is a Document Management platform?

Document Management systems are usually computer software that helps companies manage their documentations across different departments. The Document Management systems store, manage, track and provide electronic files (image, audio, text, and others) to eliminate paper-based information, and centralize it all in one unique online platform.

How Glartek products integrate with Document Management Systems (DMS)?
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  • Integrates with Document Management platforms to fetch relevant Customer documents and to store reports and recordings.

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  • Integrates with Document Management platforms to exchange relevant documents between remote session assistant and assisted person.

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