Glartek announces the launch of its pioneer product that will revolutionize the remote assistance concept.
GlarAssist, a remote assistance tool for both operational and management teams, connects specialists with field operators through vídeo calls and AR, is going to transform the industry 4.0.

The pandemic scenario in which we are living has changed business visions, and highlighted new social needs, in all sectors. In the industrial sphere, the impacts were significant due to the number of workers and interaction with the surrounding environment. A new need was detected: how to continue operations during difficult times like the present ones? Is it just a temporary solution? Let us move from a short-term vision to a long-term potential. Glartek, a company focused on augmented reality (AR) technologies, has launched a pioneer tool that will transform the way field workers can benefit from remote workers’ assistance. The application connects teams through video calls with chat and 3D annotations in augmented reality and includes: 1. Multi-participant video calls with annotations in augmented reality; 2. Guaranteed support for operations and decision making; 3. Ensured security in the use of the application; 4. History, feedback and session reports for the continuous improvement.

GlarAssist is part of a development strategy based on innovative and differentiating products, using technologies such as augmented reality, to empower the ones in the field. We believe that this product, which we made available for free, will respond to the need to put specialists and those in need of assistance side by side. ”, Bruno Duarte, CEO The product allows remote assistance sessions between factory and specialists from other facilities, or equipment manufacturers, to troubleshoot or install equipment, even sessions between field operational teams and specialists at the central office for telecommunications, maintenance, energy and other companies. Compatible with HoloLens, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop, the application will bring a new reality to different sectors. The product is available immediately for both small and medium-sized companies and for larger companies with specific integration needs. GlarAssist is the first product of its kind on the market with free use. Some more advanced features, such as recording the session video, have a monthly licensing model per user.