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Paper processes
Paper processes
Digital processes
Digital processes
2D Mobility
2D Mobility
Augmented Reality Mobility
Augmented Reality Mobility
Take your next step into your digital transformation, and you will:
Reduce paper use

Digitize and centralize processes information to simplify its access for your team

Increase operations visibility

In one platform, manage the processes’ past, current and future data and workflows.

Accelerate decision making

Centralize information from your processes, inputs from your team and equipment, and increase the value from every decision.

Take your next step into your digital transformation, and you will:
Real-time information

Guarantee the correct tasks execution, by accessing information in a simple and fast way, and at the right time and place.

Avoid human error

Guarantee that your team executes their tasks correctly, accessing information guides in their own interface.

Increase efficiency

Reduce the distance between support execution documents, and time spent with complex searches for files, and increase the speed of every task execution.

Take your next step into your digital transformation, and you will:
Increase control

With augmented reality support, you will be able to guarantee the correct task execution in real-time, maintaining the required safety patterns.

Optimized training sessions

With the support of realistic scenarios, achieve a faster and more efficient learning method to train your team for their daily tasks.

Remote assistance

Enable remote assistance sessions among team members with video calls supported by AR annotations and a chat room.

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Our products
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Guarantee an improved decision-making support tool, by using the Industry 4.0 process digitalization technolgies. Digitize all paper-based processes, integrate information from every platform used into one, and acquire new and viable data and metrics. With GlarBoard, it will become possible to obtain credible analytics, supported by visual outputs that elevates performance.

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Optimize your team’s daily performance with Industry 4.0 tools. Provide information, augmented reality (AR) guides, and support the tasks execution. GlarVision provides the perfect fitted AR mobility tool, with real-time data,l to accelerate the field response capacity. Augment your workers capacities and increase productivity and safety patterns in your shop floor.

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Transform your employees’ capabilities, and guarantee response time with remote help from experts. Ensure assistance sessions with audio, video, AR annotations, and file transfers, ensuring that field operators perform complex tasks with expert support, increasing responsiveness and decreasing training needs.

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Give your equipment a voice with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Empower your decisions with relevant information from every machine of your shop floor. GlarConnect allows you to collect data from equipment and sensors, in order to guarantee their safety and correct functioning, and to enhance their actions and results.

Your journey with us
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Maximum 3 weeks implementation

A progressive implementation and product testing

Use the pilot testing phase to progressively prove the products’ adaptability to your activity. Test in one or two processes, in an assembly line or in a small facility, and find out the true potential of the solution in 2 to 3 months. Achieve it in a simple way, which does not require integrations or customizations. Simply validating the impact on your processes.

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Maximum 3 months implementation

Implement our solution to increase your performance

After the product testing phase, you can industrialize it in one or several installations. You will be able to digitize your processes and embark on your journey through industry 4.0 until you achieve maximum results, to give you a competitive advantage. Integrate the system, and develop the customizations that you consider necessary, in order to optimize the usability of the tool in the daily lives of your operators and managers.

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Continuous improvement

A continuous evolution

Monitor your results and improve decision-making

Once implemented, you can use the tool to perform credible and complete analyzes. Facilitate all operations’ visibility and regularly monitor the data extracted in order to find improvement points and optimize your processes. Introduce new features to ensure that you use Industry 4.0 solutions to achieve the best possible results, and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

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“Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.”
Constantino Pinto, Tecnical and Maintenance Director at Renault
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