We create value by enhancing reality.
We increase competitive advantages with augmented reality (AR). We transform employees and operations, optimizing results and overall factory productivity.
Reasons to become our partner
With augmented reality (AR) we have redefined performance outlines not only for the industry, but for all existing sectors.
We follow Industry 4.0, constantly innovating, in order to make the products and technologies with the greatest impact.
Added value
With the objective of continuous improvement, we guarantee the creation of long-term value, and the possibility of progressive acquisition of new tools.
In just 3 years, we have achieved countless victories, partnerships and high impact clients in Portugal, maintaining continuity objectives.
In parallel with the internal growth, we expect to open up to new markets, allowing an increase in the notoriety of the company and partners.
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System integrators

Through Glartek technology, new products and competitive advantages will appear. Become a supplier of reliable and long-lasting systems, and help your customers to revolutionize their processes.

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R&D Institutions

We work with technology and innovations that have a great impact on the current world market. Innovate with us and we will be proud to participate in projects related, among others, to the evolution of industry 4.0, process optimization, and augmented reality.

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Management consultants

Show your customers constant updating, and propose solutions based on the latest and most innovative technologies on the market. Give the knowledge necessary to increase knowledge and productivity in a viable way.

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Technology distributors

We create partnerships with a range of technology distributors, who provide us with hardware and software products. Increase your reputation and customer base by becoming a partner of the technology of the moment.

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Technological products

Integrate products with our technology. Enable pre-integration with ERP, CRM, IoT products, and process maintenance and monitoring platforms. Have an offer of differentiating products for our mutual consumers.

Get a competitive advantage in your sector with our innovative technology!
Who are they?
Our partners opinion
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“With Glartek, we enrich our portfolio with a technologically advanced and innovative product. Whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated into more complete use-cases, we believe that Glartek will be an asset for the Digital Transformation of our customers.”
Rui Alheiro, Chief Growth Officer na Proef
Ready to become a leader with innovative technologies part of a global trend?