Remote Assistance videocalls supported by Augmented Reality (AR) annotations from your most experience specialists to field workers anywhere, anytime.
Reduce your response times to unexpected problems

Increase productivity with remote help from more experienced specialists to any worker in the company, by using audio, video and augmented reality (AR) annotations. Ensure information security and support during execution. Get analytic reports from the app to ensure support for your decision-making.

Real-time assistance

Get assistance for complex tasks execution with a video stream call, with real-time interactions and annotations in augmented reality (AR).

Augmented workforce

Enable one-man operations by providing workers with support from experts at anytime. Save time and costs with and experts centralized team.

Improved decision-making

Get analytical data from sessions, history and reports, ensuring that decisions are made with actual knowledge of workers performance and needs.

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Device diversity

Support your employees, allowing any operator to perform complex tasks, without having to wait for specialists from other installations. Make it possible for them to contact technicians to ask for remote support, on any device: HoloLens, Mobile, Tablets, Desktops and ATEX. Your operators will be able to solve even the most difficult situations in a few minutes.

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Video stream with AR annotations

Provide a pleasant and efficient experience to your team, providing two-way and multi-format interactions: video, audio, documents and augmented reality (AR) notes. Optimize service sessions, ensuring they are fast, instructive and efficient, reducing the likelihood of a new need for the same operator.

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Group sessions

Enable multi-participants remote assistance sessions, optimize the inputs given to the field worker and ensure that all of his tasks are carried out properly and safely. Build your contact list and leverage help from external users in order to guarantee response times and maintain your production goals.

And much more...

Better time management with an interactive chat, allowing instant responses and greater convenience.


Share and download execution support files, ensuring more information is available.


Interaction with concrete support, more realistic and less dependent on verbal communication.


Access to equipment information with the possibility of highlighting specific assets where actions must be taken.


Control the equipment flashlight remotely to improve the quality of the displayed image.


Access to a complete documentation file on your assets and processes on site.


Activate the low bandwidth mode to avoid the impact on other applications, and ensure the app usability with a lower signal.


Voice recognition for better operator ergonomics, freeing hands when performing tasks.


Recorded sessions and summary made to serve as a future source of analysis and continuous improvement.


Greater security with centralized authentication, user access management and specific authorizations.


Make it easy to identify problems and ensure that actions are taken quickly, place your orders and track developments.


Analyze usage statistics by type of session and type of problems, to identify improvements in the service or product.

3D instructions

Step-by-step instructions for operations visualized in 3D, with augmented reality (AR) support.


Possibility of filling out reports with productivity statistics and execution results.

GlarAssist Product brief

A detailed product brief on our remote assistance solution supported with augmented reality annotations that reduces response time to any problem.

Be a performance leader by reducing response times!