Facilities management

Facilities management

A connected worker to achieve operational excellence

A connected and augmented team to improve productivity, efficiency, and, safety of all operations.

Be part of the future of industry 4.0

Increase efficiency

Gain greater visibility over operations. 

Reduce time

A connected worker to reduce execution time.

Augmented Workers

Frontline workers with digital tools to increase efficiency.

Confirm a proper task execution

Knowledge management to ensure that digital tools are provided to your frontline team. Ensure a connecte worker for more operational efficiency.

Guarantee delivery time

A connected and more efficient workforce. Win by speeding up processes, reducing tasks and avoiding downtime that can hinder delivery times.

Optimize your team experience

Provide information in order to increase operator satisfaction and guarantee a more augmented and connected team frontline team.

Enable a connected worker and system

Collect data from your equipment to define how your processes should be optimized, and ensure that workers are integrated with their environment.

Our products

Improve shop floor mobility by providing workers with 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) mobility

GlarAssist is the first-ever free enterprise-grade Augmented Reality Remote Assistance product.

The Internet of Things data to optimize your performance. Acquire new data and improve decisions.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!