Field Services

Field Services

A connected worker to achieve operational excellence

A connected and augmented team to improve productivity, efficiency, and, safety of all operations.

An augmented and connected worker to ensure service quality

Connected worker

Gain greater visibility over operations for better decisions. 

Augmented capabilities

Increase  skills, without additional training.

Increased efficiency

A connected frontline worker for improved operations’ results.

Augment your frontline workers' capabilities with a new reality

Process digitalization enables simpler research for workflows, and displays step-by-step guidance for a more efficient execution.

Ensure fast resolutions and a high first-time fix rate

With a visual Remote Assistance solution, it becomes possible to centralize your experts team, to provide assistance to anyone, at anytime.

Optimize your team experience

Provide information in order to increase operator satisfaction and guarantee a more augmented and connected team frontline team.

Manage and monitor frontline workers' performance

An augmented and connected worker power by digital tools allows managers to allocate field workers' tasks and monitor performance in real-time.

Our products

Improve shop floor mobility by providing workers with 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) mobility

GlarAssist is the first-ever free enterprise-grade Augmented Reality Remote Assistance product.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!