Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Improve food safety through more efficient processes

A connected and augmented team to improve productivity, efficiency, and, safety of all operations.


Augment and connect your team to ensure food safety

Increased productivity

Bring a new dimension to workers’ efficiency, 

More food safety

Real-time data monitorization for a high-quality supply chain.

Connected workers

Ensure worker’s safety to achieve better compliance.

Augment your frontline workers' capabilities

Make it easier for your augmented worker to understand the process information, and increase the quality of the operation.

Improved team and operations' management

Provide your frontline workers with the needed digital information to correctly execute their operations in a safe and efficient way.

Real-time production monitoring

Data is extracted in real-time directly from the equipment and frontline worker involved in the process. Ensure a reliable "fonte de dados" so your business starts using data for continuous improvement purposes.

Our products

Improve shop floor mobility by providing workers with 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) mobility

GlarAssist is the first-ever free enterprise-grade Augmented Reality Remote Assistance product.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!


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