Optimize your customers' experience.

Industry 4.0 tools to optimize control, quality, and productivity, of your assembly line.

Become a digital leader with a new competitive advantage

Time for innovation

Ensure a better understanding of your production chain with new process digitalization tools.

Ensure products’ safety

Ensure information on equipment behaviors or risk processes, and enhance predictive actions.

Improved customer experience Ensure that all of your processes are centralized in one platform, facilitate access to information and task validation.

Optimize control and quality systems

Detect improvement opportunities in your processes, ensuring quality and constant innovation. With the GlarBoard platform, you will be able to collect information about processes and equipment and detect key moments in the line for the quality of your products. Be able to use information in order to optimize critical tasks to meet the expectations of your consumers.

Alerts and notifications

Ensure the safety of your products. With total visibility on the status of your operations, the GlarBoard application will allow you to create alerts in order to warn you about extraordinary behaviors of temperatures, humidity, among others, of your equipment. This way, you can avoid conditions that can generate damage, before they happen, and take the respective corrective measures in time.

Guarantee delivery time

Ensure an optimization of the times allocated to the processes, and reduce downtime, and optimize your time-to-market. Ensure control and monitoring of your operations and assets, in order to guarantee analysis of the priority and determining tasks for your production. Win by speeding up processes, reducing unnecessary tasks, and avoiding downtime that can hinder delivery times and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Real-time specialists know-how access

Elevate the capacity of each employee and enable individual execution of multidisciplinary tasks. Guide your employees, with voice, video, and 2D and 3D notes interactions, during the execution of tasks in order to transform the capabilities of all operators. With GlarAssist you will decrease not only the number of staff needed but also the need for specialization and training.

Our products

Improve shop floor mobility by providing workers with 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) mobility

GlarAssist is the first-ever free enterprise-grade Augmented Reality Remote Assistance product.

The Internet of Things data to optimize your performance. Acquire new data and improve decisions.

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