Aerospace and defense
Gain time to develop new business models
Centralize information, transform the capacity of your employees and save time for more complex tasks such as optimization of decision making.
The future of your industry is here

A indústria 4.0 está a ganhar relevância a grande passo, a nível mundial, pois permite aumentar resultados de forma simples e com vista a longo-prazo. Eleve os seus padrões de eficiência e ganhe tempo para tarefas de gestão mais exigentes.

Design optimized processes

Increase your processes speed, reducing and automating operations, and saving time for tasks related to quality and innovation.

Increase capacities

Support your employees, with both guides and remote assistance, in order to guarantee the execution of any task but also increasing the visibility of the processes.

Guarantee correct execution

Ensure that tasks are being performed with visual evidence or from direct interactions with your workers on their platforms.

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At the minute remote assistance

Elevate each employee capacity and enable individual execution of multidisciplinary tasks. Guide your employees, with notes in augmented reality (AR), during tasks execution and manage to transform their competences. With GlarAssist you will decrease not only the number of staff needed, but also, specialization and training.

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Enable one-man operations

Empower your employees to operate individually. Enable remote expert help for any employee with live sessions with the possibility of 2D and 3D annotations. Support your field operators and get them to do the most complex tasks without risk and training. Enable one man operations and reduce errors, increasing security.

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Control tasks execution

Get real-time information about the execution of your processes. Providing information, guides, sheets and videos on how to proceed during tasks, you can reduce their bad execution, additionally, you can customize the GlarBoard platform in an interactive and personalized way, you can check the good execution of your employees' tasks, with evidence support actual implementation.

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Design optimized business models

Get viable information and time for analysis to create new business models. Connect and centralize all the information of your operations. Analyze with greater visibility all processes, the history of activities including difficulties and expectations of your employees. Make your processes more efficient by reducing useless tasks, costs and increasing overall productivity.

Our products
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  • Digitize processes and centralize operational information.

  • Guarantee more visibility and use information to increase knowledge.

  • Make decisions based on facts, reduce tasks and increase efficiency.

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  • Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information.

  • Realistic training sessions, improved workers preparation.

  • Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

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  • Ensure expert remote assistance support for your employees.

  • Enable one man operations and reduce the number of workers.

  • Provide field workers with experts know-how when needed, reducing error likelihood.

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  • Diversify information sources by giving a voice to your machinery.

  • Increase the quality and visibility of your processes with a connected system.

  • Achieve better decision making with richer information support.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!