GLARTEK recognized by ANI for its activities developed in matters of innovation and development.

The National Research Agency (ANI) recognized Glartek for its development and research (R&D) practices, creating a new source of differentiation for the company.

The year of 2020 was a year defined by new opportunities, recognition and growth for Glartek. Following the investment received from its three investors - EDP, Novabase, HCapital, the company maintained its objective and ambition to continuously achieve new goals. These objectives allowed the company to continue to prove the real impact of their innovative and unique products, supported by Augmented Reality (AR). In July 2020, the company received the ANI Recognition award for its contribution fo R&D practices. The certification highlights good practices from companies that invest in research and deve, bringing relevant and innovative solutions to the market. The Recognition received by Glartek, is applied to the following technical-scientific domain: • ICT applied to Industry (Robotics, electronics, nanotechnologies, ...).

With this recognition, Glartek will now be able to (1) demonstrate competence in R&D; (2) Reinforce the economic value of its development projects; (3) Increase the number of projects carried out in cooperation with R&I entities and (4) Conceed new benefits for its customers’ financtial taxes. “This Certification is very important for us as a company, and sustains our ambition to grow, and continuously bring innovative and valuable products to the market, which allows us to be more than just another actor in a wide range of market entities. Adding, also, that the application, and consequent recognition, look for valorization of our customers, making them benefit from advantages and confidence when working with Glartek.” (Luís Murcho, COO).