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Session main features
AR annotations

Sessions supported by AR annotations to precisely guide workers or clients with the support of AR marquers and draws.

Record sessions

Calls, chat conversations and annotations are recorded and a report is automatically generated to be used in decision.

Freeze mode

Pause the image and draw augmented reality annotations to ensure that the notes are accurate, precise and well received.

File transfer

Transfer files to guarantee that with the help of these visual images, instructions or videos, workers have all information they need.

Contact list

Internal and external phone lists available, by attributing favorite contacts, to ensure a quicker call whenever needed.


Written communication for loud environments. The Chat also allows users to share data such as, links, codes, and much more.

Multiple users

Add different assistants in one remote assistance session to ensure a complete and efficient resolution.

Glasses support

The app is supported by smartglasses and HoloLens, to ensure that workers may use their hands while solving problems.


Take screenshots to provide visual evidences from the remote assistance session. Use the evidences for future decisions.

Video settings

Control the video settings to help the assistant better visualize the notes provided by the assisted.


Control the assisted flashlight remotely to help them to execute tasks in environments with less lightning.


The remote assistant can share his screen, as a mean to provide new and valuable information to the assisted person.


Transform voice into text to enable communication even in noisy environments.


Reduce the number of frames and image quality to guarantee the fluidity of the session, mainly, in environments with less connectivity.

Backoffice features

Records of all remote assistance sessions to serve as a source of information for future events


Statistical data from all sessions to analyze trends and make management decisions.


Schedule remote assistance sessions for moments in which it is more adequate for the participants.

Entreprise features

Unique identification/login per user, that can be the same as the one used in the centralized authentification system.

Advanced security

Temporary and permanent permissions based on users, location, and much more, to protect the company's intellectual property.


Integrations with CRM, Field Service Management, ERP, to start the session directly through the client's platforms.

Assets monitoring

Access to data about all your company's assets through the application to support an improved decision.

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