Process digitalization: The new reality for improve decision-making and an increased performance.
Give power to your information

Process digitalization, an Industry 4.0 tool that empowers decision-making through data centralization. Digitize your processes, and obtain digital workflows, analytical information, visual output reports and dashboards, to boost your overall performance.

More visibility

Process digitalization increases shopfloor operations' visibility. The digital platform ensures processes information, employees and equipment centralization.

More knowledge

By centralizing information, Glartek provides greater knowledge acquired from processes, improving decision-making

More efficiency

GlarBoard guarantees a global efficiency increase, providing schedules and guides to employees, ensuring the proper and safe execution of any process.

More about GlarBoard
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Digitized processes

Reduce paper-based processes by centralizing information from different processes and platforms, such as ERP, SAP, MES, IoT, and others, to get a global view of all your operations. With GlarBoard you can digitize your processes, and manage the different workflows of your team. Configure, view and send information anytime, anywhere.

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Get a strategic view of your results, reduce analysis time, and make better decisions. Get access to information, which will help you to have a global perception of all the factory information, in a single platform. Ensure access to analytical data presented through automated reports and dashboards, on the entire operation of your facilities.

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IoT information

Reduce costs and save time by conditioning your processes according to the extracted Internet of Things (IoT) data, that allows to predict equipment behavior. Access real-time data about your assets, condition your processes and avoid unexpected situations. Make predictive decisions, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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Assets management

Process digitalization combined with IoT will take your asset management to another level. Access the necessary information from your equipment and operations by category, geolocation, installation, functionality, or others, in a simple and fast way. Enable data collection, and increase the transparency of your processes.


Configure automatic or conditioned processes in the user interface and support the execution of tasks.


Schedule processes and learn about past, present or future tasks ensuring timely execution of activities.


Enable the reporting of actions and ensure the smooth functioning and understanding of processes.


Based on your device's behavior, create real-time security alerts on the platform.


Activity history, analyze results of operations and facilitate future process executions


Create process notifications and ensure that all tasks and operations are carried out on time.


Manage, import and export documents, to provide information to ensure correct process execution.


Integrate platform information with plug-ins or API systems quickly and easily.

Advanced UI

The platform includes a configurable UI, as well as a multilingual option.


Ensure the security of your business data with centralized authentication, access management and authorizations.


Make it easy to identify problems, track your work order, and ensure that actions are quickly decided.


Visualize actions performed by users during their tasks execution to verify if every task was correctly executed.

Measuring the Economic Impact in the Industry of Digitizing Processes with AR

Industry 4.0 is responsible for creating value by digitally transforming companies. This study calculates the product’s real economic impact, based on the experience of two clients from different industries.

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