The Internet of Things data to optimize your performance. Acquire new information and improve operational decisions.
Use the Internet of Things (IoT) as a strategic tool to improve results

Industry 4.0 brings you new technologies to quickly increase the capacity to collect data and centralize it in a platform to support decision-making. With GlarConnect, connect all the assets on the shop floor. Access information about your machines and sensors, ensuring decision support, and the possibility of delopying preventive actions.

Real-time information

Access real-time information extracted from both equipment and processes, ensuring a greater mobility, reducing execution time, and improving security.

Execution evidences

Obtain visual evidence of the execution of the different tasks of the processes, ensuring that they were carried out at the right time and place.

Execution guides

Get step-by-step execution guides, with visual augmented reality (AR) support, and reduce execution errors.

More about GlarConnect
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Shop floor data

Collect the Internet of Things (IoT) data from your shop floor equipment and sensors and optimize the diversity of information extracted from your processes for decision-making. Get to know every plant operation in detail, and manage to optimize all your operations.

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Multiple options: protocols and computers

Extract and centralize information from different industrial computers, enabling it to convert into useful information for decision-makers. Stream IoT data through MQTT from multiple industrial protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, Bacnet and much more. Optimize operations based on the extracted and diverse information from multiple protocols.

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Data stream to the IoT platform

Acquire information through various industrial protocols compatible with MQTT v3.1.1 and MQTT v5.0 versions. In a simple and fast way, be able to extract, in real time, a large number of data for your Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

And much more...

Simplified and fast integration of equipment with compatible industrial protocols: OPC-UA, Modbus, Bacnet and Profinet.

Remote configuration

Remote configuration anywhere, without having to be on-site.


Filter and select the information you want to collect with smart search.


Ensures that data is stored for a minimum period, and data is not lost for example due to connection issues.


Create monitoring alerts and prevent errors in your equipment by analyzing their operation.


Avoid unexpected loss of information due to errors with automatic data recovery.


Constant updating with new industrial protocols, and REST support for more material compatibility.

External platforms

Access information from other IoT information platforms and ensure more complete data.


Store the collected data locally, in order to access the data offline and increase the communication redundancy with the GlarBoard or IoT platform.

UI configuration

Graphical user interface to configure metrics to be collected and saved from equipment.

GlarConnect Product brief

A detailed product brief on our IoT solution to connect equipment and extract data from multiple industrial protocols and industrial computers.

Optimize the performance of your equipment with better data reading!