Augmented Reality (AR) guidance to optimize your employees' daily work experience.
Become a leader with a new reality (AR)

Glartek gives you the tools to optimize the daily work of your employees, increasing 2D and Augmented Reality (AR)mobility, knowledge and response capacity in the field. Transform your employees and raise your shopfloor productivity and safety standards .

Real-time information

Access real-time information extracted from both equipment and processes, ensuring a greater mobility, reducing execution time, and improving security.

Execution evidences

Obtain visual evidence of the execution of the different tasks of the processes, ensuring that they were carried out at the right time and place.

Execution guides

Get step-by-step execution guides, with visual augmented reality (AR) support, and reduce execution errors.

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Equipment diversity

Give your employees access to the application on different types of devices. Implement augmented reality (AR) in the most convenient device: HoloLens, Mobile, Tablets, Laptops and Atex, with operating systems such as iOS and Android. Deploy, quickly and simply, on already used or new hardware, and transform the capabilities of your employees.

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Processes organization

Structure information and ensure better analysis and decision making. With Glartek’s you can organize assets and processes, achieving a consistent visibility of all operations. Ensure that all your processes are scheduled and notifications triggered so that no operations are overlooked, and that all operations are carried out in a suitable time and place.

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2D and augmented reality (AR) mobility

Facilitate mobility in your industry, allowing information to be made available when needed, and reducing execution errors. Progressively move from 2D mobility to 3D mobility with augmented reality (AR) support, providing process execution guides, contextual information on equipment, activity history and real-time IoT information.

And much more...

The best security with alerts referring to dangerous areas or even signaling of the environment of greatest danger.


Guide employees to the right location with 2D mobility and augmented reality (AR) mobility tools.


Ensure that your employees are active during the execution of tasks with regular checks of their activity.


Access to the complete documentation files on your assets, operation and processes.

Advanced processes

Define advanced workflows, and manage visibility, authorizations and evidences.

Advanced inputs

Files, NFC, QR and barcode scanning, image recognition, voice-to-text, and digital signatures.

Search engine

Search intelligently for the content you need, and save time with an information filtering engine.

Offline mode

The application is available even when you do not have internet access, without needing a connection to access the contents.


Ensure greater security with centralized authentication, user access management and specific authorizations.


Get a strategic view, reduce analysis time, and make better decisions. Access analytical information.


Make it easy to identify problems and ensure that actions are taken quickly, place your work orders and track developments.

Assets identification

Visually identify assets where tasks will be performed, and support actions with fundamental documentation.


Use the application on two devices for easy visualization and interaction with the platform.


Possibility to generate reports with productivity statistics and execution results.

GlarVision Product brief

A detailed product brief on our platform supported by augmented reality that elevates workers capacities across all industries.

Be a performance leader ensuring your team’s best mobility!