Augmented Reality (AR) guidance to optimize your employees’ daily work experience.

Increase frontline workers' productivity and safety

Real-time data

Access real-time process information.

Connected team

Reduce communication and training challenges.

Augmented Frontline worker

Guarantee safer operations through improved mobility.

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Enable new mobility patterns to augment your frontline workers

A new way to improve processes organization, gather different execution inputs and a quick and easy adaptability to any industrial process.

Ensure processes efficiency with Augmented Reality (AR) guidance

Ensure that your frontline team has a quick access to any process. Guide workers to the correct place, and help anyone execute processes with AR step-by-step guides.

Improved decision-making with automated outputs

Automated reports and analytics outputs personalized according to the process, operation or specific worker. Enable the possibility to generate automatic audit records.

Manage team, assets and knowledge in one place

Manage your team agenda, operations, and daily tasks in one platform. Ensure that data is centralized and that every worker has access to the needed knowledge to execute efficient and safe processes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) for operations optimization

Collect the Internet of Things (IoT) data from your shop floor equipment and sensors and optimize the diversity of information extracted from your processes for decision-making.

Be a performance leader ensuring your team’s best mobility!

Connected workers, a perfect solution for your Industry

With the goal of maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, the company continuously improves its operations. The case study shows how even leaders can benefit from Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize results in different factories across the world.

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“Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.”

Constantino Pinto, Tecnical/Maintenance Director

Product brief

A detailed product brief on our platform supported by augmented reality elevates workers' capacities across all industries.

Optimize the performance of your equipment with better data reading!