Remote assistance
Reduce your response times to unexpected problems with video calls and 3D annotations.
Reduce experts, increasing response capacity

Improve unexpected problems response time, with remote assistance sessions. Optimize your employees' experience with interactive video, audio, chat, augmented reality annotations (AR) and file transfers. Support workers that have to solve complex problems, without having to move more experienced resources. Guarantee that a secure access to remote sessions, as well as tat they provide information for continuous improvement.

Resolution time

Enable direct and real-time availability from specialists through a remote session with augmented reality (AR) support.


Enable direct contact with experienced specialists, and including access to relevant equipment information, guarantee a better rate of first resolution action.

Costs reduction

Reduce travel and travel costs and time to send an expert to the error location with remote remote support.

Continuous improvement
Operations' safety

Get real input from your operators about the difficulties and needs encountered during the processes execution. Analyze the origin of the sessions and make improvement decisions.

Process history

Access order history information and remote session reasons, and get input directly from field operators to optimize processes.


Use collected information to support decision making. Support human resource decisions, training needs and processes and equipment to be optimized.

Access to expertise

Ensure equipment safety by solving complex situations with experts with greater knowledge, avoid processes that can damage equipment in the long run.

Information leak

Confirm that only the employees involved have access to assistance. Ensure profiles and authorizations for each operator level, avoiding information leaks.

Workers' safety

Prevent your employees from carrying out risky actions, which endanger their safety. Verify the exact location where tasks were performed with real-time evidences.

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