Safety and compliance

Safety and compliance

Process digitalization, Augmented Reality (AR) and IoT tools to reduce the possibility of dangerous situations to happen.

Support decision-making with IoT information

Get a global view of your shop floor assets, their role in processes and their behaviour, supporting decision-making. Through industrial protocols, get to know the operational data of your machines, analyze and enhance preventive actions, by predicting atypical behaviors that may present a risk to equipment or workers' safety.


Execution evidences

Platform interactivity

Determine different workflows, defining past, to-do and future tasks for each one. Include interactive questions and guarantee feedback.

Visual proofs

Require visual proofs such as photos or videos, from your employees, and ensure that operations are being performed at the right time and place.

Real-time feedback

Ensure that all employees have space to report issues and difficulties in order to continuously improve processes.

Visual data

Reduce human error by ensuring that a variety of global support tools are available. Improve the quality of execution and productivity of all your activities.

Support files

From process guides, documents, or even videos to ensure that all workers have the support they need for fast and effective work.

Remote expertise

Enable your field operators to be able to directly contact specialized technicians if they need support to perform more complex tasks.

Execution support

Error reduction

Human error

Get to know your equipment better, with more information about it, and enable a more efficient, accurate, and safe man-machine relationship.

Optimized operations

Give access to information and assistance in order to reduce research times, or wait for support from technicians, which may increase the quantity produced.

Process guides

Make the information available in process guides to ensure a correct step by step of the operations, reducing the margin of human error in the execution.

Our Safety and Compliance solution


Digitize processes and centralize operational information. Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information. Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

How a maintenance national reference of the operations execution time?

In a sector with a high turnover, the company struggles to keep knowledge and experience inside. The case study shows how even less experienced employees managed to execute processes, without training, and still improving the overall efficiency of the company.

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