Digitized processes
Reduce your paper use by centralizing all your information.

Let knowledge turn you into leader of your industry.

Digitize all process documents and files, access information that was once hard to find, in real-time, and, finally, guarantee an improved response time with GlarBoard. Allow any employee to access documents, videos, and information in a device. Enable your team to check processes, view the calendar, interact with the platform to provide visual evidences of their work, and much more. Customize interfaces and allow your employees to interact with it, so that you have greater control over the execution of all operations.

Simplify information access

Aggregate all processes information in a single platform, make it available to your collaborators and allow everyone to access a single space, anytime, anywhere.

Digital workflows

Customize workflows and schedule tasks for your employees. Define steps to be taken, authorizations or needed checkpoints to properly execute processes.

Smart search engine

Enable smart searches to ensure quick access to any process. Reduce search time by centralizing information on a platform and making the interface intuitive.

Reduce paper use

Digitize your processes and reduce paper-based processes. Turn information access easier, by centralizing everything on a single platform.

Reduce time analysis

Reduce documentation time analysis by centralizing information and increasing visibility.

Execution error reduction

Guarantee access to the platform to support the correct execution of tasks, reducing errors and facilitating control over operations.

Access temporal decisions

Access operations’ past, present and future tasks, to have a temporal view of the processes, ensuring a better decision support system.

Real-time reporting

Gather inputs from operators and managers to ensure a better communication across the team. Use the data to optimize the decision-making process.

Operations global visibility

Centralize widespread information, and ensure reliable historization of collected data in order to transform it into knowledge.

Our Process Digitalization solution
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  • Digitize processes and centralize operational information.
  • Augmented reality (AR) mobility, and real-time information.
  • Increase overall productivity with real-time and contextual information.

EDP uses Glartek's technology to increase its operators capacities for standalone tasks

While providing energy services to 13 million customers, the company needed to reduce and centralize its maintenance teams, as well as their level of specialization. This case study reveals a successful story that resulted in costs, error, and specialists visits reduction.

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