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Use Case

Breakdown notes

What is a Breakdown notes process?

Breakdown notes refer to the reporting activity for both defaults or strange equipment behaviors. This reporting can be made on paper, on an assembly line computer, or even through word-of-mouth until reaching the right hierarchical level.

Breakdown notes are reported by any worker that recognizes an equipment default, failure, or potentially behaviors that need to be solved, in order to avoid future damage to the production.

How is a Breakdown notes process implemented?

This process can be specified on paper or directly reported to the superior, who will also report until it reaches the correct person. This last one will investigate the situation and make the decision on what is the best way to solve that specific problem.

Breakdown notes are essential to guarantee productivity and a minimum downtime. Therefore, breakdown notes shuld be reported efficiently in order to quicly reach the department that may make the decision on how to act. Additionally, the field team should feel at ease and have actual time to report these issues.

The goal to go from a breakdown note to a potential breakdown ticket is to trigger preventive maintenance instead of breakdown maintenance, in order tosave costs and time.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Centralized ticket system

Digital platforms potentialize the integration of tickets system that centralizes all processes information. Field workers can easily access their devices if they detect any strange behavior or failure that may turn into a breakdown. This will allow to transfer of the information in real-time and achieve a faster response.

SAP MES ilustration integration

STEP 2: Remote Visual Assistance

When facing unexpected problems or breakdowns, workers do not always need to wait for backup. With remote assistance, specialists can help them solve the problem immediately through video calls, with chat and AR annotations.


Costs reduction
Faster response time
Efficiency increase
By accelerating and facilitating communication between field workers and more experienced professionals, there will be a faster response to unexpected problems. This increases the overall productivity of businesses. In fact, by centralizing information and turning it digital, breakdowns can be avoided and costs reduced. Adding a remote assistance tool, workers will be able to solve problems in real-time and with the guidance of specialists, which will guarantee an increase in the first-time fix rate.

How can we help?

Our platform centralizes processes information in real-time. All production data is gathered in one platform that combines both process and outputs from the execution. The data can be accessed by all workers, anytime. It is also updated in real-time which makes it easier to visualize where the product is in the production line.
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