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What is a Changeover process?

Changeovers are the process to convert a line or a machine from processing one product to the following one.

This process requires highly experinces workers that are clearly aware of what a production line includes, and what the next one will bring along. The process must be applied everytime an operation has ended and a new one will start. Inbetween, changover processes must be done to guarantee an increased efficiency and productivity in the following task.

How is a Changeover process implemented?

The process is usually displayed in papers, with step-by-step drawings on how to proceed with a correct changeover that starts by removing the previous product, cleaning-up and setting-up the new equipment.

The process can be summarized into three key steps to follow:

  1. Clean-up: Clean all the equipment and materials associated with the production line to be replaced.

  2. Set-up: Organize the new equipment and tools that will be necessary for the new production operations that will start.

  3. Start-up: The worker may now start the task with the guarantee that he has everything he needs.

Quick changeovers are key to guarantee a continuous production flow in which equipment does not have to stop frequently. As part of lean manufacturing, it is one of the processes that aim to convert production and demand as closely as possible, to reduce inventory.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process digitalization

By digitizing the process, 2D mobility is achieved and workers can access the information in real-time, with different inputs, videos, instructions on how to proceed, easy to understand, and that provides a clear orientation to workers, so that any worker can execute any task.

STEP 2: AR Mobility

The process can be simplified with clearer instructions and facilitated access to the workflow information. In addition, this can be supported by augmented reality guides for workers to have visual information during the execution.


Clear information

Correct support

Efficiency increase

With these new digital tools, the changeover process is facilitating with information displayed in a more visible, clearer and more understandable way. Besides, workers can go from no mobility to 2D or 3D mobility to guarantee navigation guidance and accurate execution of any task, hence it is guided AR step-by-step workflow guides which reduces error probability to almost 0%.

How can we help?

Our platform allows digitizing processes. This facilitates changeover routines hence it centralizes information and displays it in such a visible way that managers are able to understand how processes are made and how to improve those same processes. Additionally, with our app, workers can be supported by step-by-step visual guidance, either with HoloLens or even in their mobile devices, to ensure they have all the needed tools to ensure their best effort.

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