Visual Remote Assistance

Visual Remote Assistance

Empower frontline workers, and clients, with real-time assistance, chat and augmented reality tools.

Improve efficiency and safety of your business

Optimize your employees’ and clients’ experience with visual remote assistance. Launch immediate video sessions supported by augmented reality annotations (AR) to solve complex problems, at any time.

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Unnecessary travels reduced


Faster Training


Error rate

Improving service with Visual Remote Assistance

Get assisted in real-time

Reduce the number of experts’ travels to solve unexpected problems, assist in installations or maintenance procedures.


  • Reduce experts travels to assist field workers or clients.

  • Improve first-time fix rate.

On and off-site needs visibility

Access a full repository of sessions to avoid unexpected problems to happen repeatedly, and speed up problem-solving in the future.


  • Monitor assistance needs with a full sessions repository
  • Detect repeated assistance needs early on to take action.

Main use cases

Remote repair and maintenance assistance

Centralize your experts’ team so they can help field workers anywhere, at any time, reparing equipment or executing maitenance procedures.

Remote Installations and setups

Reduce the amount of experts needed for specific setups and enable an augmented and connected front-line worker.

Customer Service

Help your customers with repairs and installations with a remote centralized expert team.

Internal communication

Improve your internal communication between experts and field-workers with visual remote assistance tools to help field-workers.

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"GlarAssist has provided our field workers with a tool that makes them more efficient, and most of all, happier to work in a supportive environment. We have been able to reduce up to 20% of unnecessary time with travel, but still guaranteeing our efficiency patterns. It truly makes the difference for any business that requires field workers and more experienced specialists, that we have now managed to centralize."

Operations Director

Explore our Industries in which Visual Remote Assistance is key to success

Augmented and connected workforce in Manufacturing Industry

Report problems, remote audits and much more to increase efficiency.

Augmented & Connected worker utilities industry

Remote repairs, installations and maintenance for a more efficient team.

Augmented & Connected worker: An automotive use case

Reporting problems in real-time, reparing, ensuring recorded evidences

Field services

Improved service quality and customer satisfaction.

Our solution

GlarAssist: Our Visual Remote Assistance product showcase

- Ensure expert remote assistance support for your employees. - Enable one-man operations and reduce the number of workers. - Provide field workers with expert know-how when needed, reducing error likelihood.

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