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Ensure 0% error rate to maximize safety of your shopfloor
Guaranteed minimum increase in production of 7% from your current output.
Guarantee a payback in less than 1 year
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What is Glartek 2.0?

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Collaboration & communication tool Connected worker communication feed and notifications
Explore our new features

Advanced data analytics, training and skills management, 3D models, AI/ML module reading, task validation, and more.

Dive into new use cases

Enhanced collaboration & communication, training management, and more—all in one place.

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Plus, introducing our refreshed image, symbolizing our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence.

Approach Connected Worker Human centricity platform manufacturing

Training & Skills Management

  • Picture of the skills acquired by frontline workers
  • Easy allocation of workers to tasks
  • Identify training needs
    Adapt induction training programs

Collaboration & Communication

  • Stay updated with company-wide information.
  • Enable quick communication with instant messaging
  • Monitor progress in real-time with status update
  • Get live support at any time
Operations monitoring Operations analytics Audit trail manufacturing

Advanced Monitoring & Analytics

  • Visualisation of real-time metrics
  • Automatically generate reports reports
  • Use pre-set designs or personalize your dashboards

Technology advancements

  • Advanced real-time visualisation and integration of 3D models.
  • Enhanced guidance and training.
  • Automated task validation, PPE recognition, and more are enabled through AI/ML technology.
Connected worker platform Multilanguage platform Whitelabel connected worker platform configuration

Ready-to-use & fully customisable

  • Elevate the platform to reflect your company preferences (language, style, colors, …)
  • Promptly initiate usage with pre-configured templates
  • Improve decision-making with presets and customizable dashboards
What is Glartek 2.0?

Get started with Glartek 2.0

Product Focus

The connected worker platform adapts for precise manufacturing, ensuring excellence.

Customer Focus

Customer-driven evolution. Unmatched support for thriving customers.

Industry Recognition

Proven track record, with accolades from top analysts, R&D institutions, and the EU.

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Innovation DNA

DNA of innovation and collaboration with global R&D institutions in joint initiatives

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