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The solution merges Connected Worker tech with Augmented Reality for real-time collaboration, boosting efficiency and productivity. Check out the full 10-minute demo for details!

Approach Connected Worker Human centricity platform manufacturing
Human centricity

Unique Approach

Glartek's unique blend of human-centric design, autonomy features, proactive tracking, and innovative solutions make our connected worker platform the top choice for manufacturing leaders.

Ready-to-use Approach

Out-of-the-box configuration​

Our platform offers seamless out-of-the-box configuration, pre-integrated solutions (such as SSO, ERP, Teams, etc.), offline mode functionality, multilingual support, all without requiring any deployment or coding.

What We Do

Improve Frontline Performance

Our connected worker platform is designed to revolutionize frontline worker safety and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with intuitive interfaces, we empower workers to perform their tasks with heightened safety measures and increased productivity.

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The #1 All-in-One Connected Worker Platform

Become a paperless manufacturing leader 

Go paperless today with a no-code fully integrated and customizable platform 

Be the #1 of your industry

Ensure 0% error rate to maximize safety of your shopfloor, while increasing up to 7% of your production

Guarantee a payback in less than 1 year

80% Full Payback of the investment in the First Year 

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The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples


5S is an audit and qualitative process that aims to organize workspaces.


LOTO is a safety process that ensures that equipment contains any “hazardous energy”

Digital Work Instructions


The 4M is a troubleshooting and risk-management method, commonly used in manufacturing.


SMED seeks to reduce the equipment setup time to a single minute. 

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