Your all-in-one Connected Worker Platform

Glartek’s solution combines a Connected Worker no-code and customization platform that enables an augmented workforce, improving safety, efficiency, and training in the Industry.

45+ Manufacturing Leaders already use Glartek platform

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The Augmented & Connected Worker Key Features

How can you benefit from the Augmented & Connected Worker?

Your all-in-one operations management platform will bring a new reality to your Industry. The ACW solution powered by Visual Remote Assistance will increase your productivity by up to 13%.

Work Order Management

History, on-demand and scheduled work orders, calendar, notifications and more.

Work Order execution

Multiple devices, 2D & AR mobility, guidance, offline mode, time tracking, approvals.

Work Order Workflows

Template builder, instructions, multiple response options, scored responses and more.

Team Management

Roles, permissions, customisable attributes, external users, and more.

Visual Remote Assistance

Multiple user sessions, freeze, zoom, AR annotations, OCR, Recordings, integrations.

Actions Management

Assignments, due dates, priority, chat, activity tracking, response, assignees and more.

Inventory Management

Materials tools and items management, warehouse, product stocks, forecast, and more.

Asset Management

Asset organisational tree, sites and elements, real-time tracking, templates and profiles.


Preset and customisable analytics, reports and dashboards of execution, actions, inventory.

Skills Management

Tracking and assessing employees' competencies. Skills matrix, assignments, exams and more.


Instant notifications for critical events and non conformities, assets, work orders and actions alerts.

Internal Communication

Simplified communication, knowledge document and change management, Chat, Notifications, Feed, Daily status.

Entreprise Features

Multi-language UI, automation tools, export/import, audit trail, white label, integrations.


Alarm configuration through Internet of Things (IoT) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) data.

AI / Machine learning

Automatic validation of PPE, identification of equipment, reading of digital and analog gauges, task validation.

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Designed to integrate with all your existing platforms

Build your own Augmented & Connected platform by integrating our software with in-house native apps. The most connected platform to ensure your own digital operations ecosystem.


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Why are global leaders using Glartek platform?

End paper-based processes

Migrate from paper to digital with a no-code, customizable ACW platform.

Empower your team

Support your team’s autonomous and no-error operations with digital instructions.

Optimize management

Manage tasks, teams, assets, inventory and much more in a single platform.

Reduce workers’ skills & capabilities gap

Provide workers with relevant skills with real-time guidance and assistance.

Ensure 24/7 support

Improve collaboration between experts, technicians, field workers and customers by using Visual Remote Assistance.

Save time & costs

Avoid expensive and lengthy bureaucratic procedures that impact operations.

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Start your Augmented & Connected Worker journey with us and become the leader of your industry.

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