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Connected Frontline Work as the new Food & Beverage reality

Your no-code, customisable Connected Worker platform enables you to augment your front line team and provide them with digital guidance. 

Food and beverage operations Food and beverage manufacturing

Transform paper procedures into a single Augmented & Connected Worker solution to achieve real-time visibility, support for execution, and global process optimisation.

Manufacuring Industry implementing the Augmented and Connected Worker
Manage, support and collaborate in one platform

Manage your operations and team, provide support to execution and collaborate remotely with front-line workers, everything in one place.

Improve productivity with a connected workforce

Ensure the right support for your front-line team, in which each operator has access to guides, digital work instructions and visual remote assistance, at any time.

Report, monitor and analyse frontline performance with ease

Report, monitor, and analyse data in a simple way.  Access all relevant data from your operating floor through customisable dashboards and analytics.

Integrate with your in-house, ERP, MES or any other manufacturing system

Synchronise the Augmented & Connected Worker platform with any management, planning, maintenance or other system used by your team, in seconds.

Manage tasks, teams and operations in one place

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples

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Connected Worker Platform for manyfacturing Realwear HoloLens Hands-free solution for operational excellence