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All this features together!

Field Operation

Simplified tasks with Augmented Reality. From checklists, real time information, documentation, and many more... No more paper and duplicated information!

Monitoring and Control

From the smallest sensor to the biggest, everything is unified in a single or multiple customizable dashboards


From the operator to the manager, supervision is no longer a headache.


Our modules communicate and exchange information securely and asynchronously.


Coming Soon Want to bring motivation to your employees?


Coming Soon Reduce costs and improve your production and workflow

Mobile and HoloLens

How it works

Our solution is based on three modules


Our real time Industrial IOT solution, that uses augmented reality in the field, to show all real-time inputs


Our gateway, is the bridge between installation and our platforms


Our Web Platform allows to visualize and interact with the gathered data. From alerts, tasks, checklists, documentation, team management and so on... Everything is available here

Our Team

Luis Murcho

Luis is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Glartek

Gonçalo Santos

Gonçalo is Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Glartek

Margarida Correia

Margarida is Chief Marketing Officer at Glartek

Marco Santos

Marco is Chief Security Officer at Glartek

João Pereira

João is Chief Financial Officer at Glartek

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Featured Post
  • Cultural Centre of Belém - Lisbon

    Technically, the building is a big challenge. It has 1600 km of electrical cables, 550 HVAC units, 700 sensors of temperature, humidity and pressure, 280 electric panels and 2600 fire sensors. All this complexity is organized for old monitoring systems that we want to upgrade with Glartek solutions. We had a great acceptance to apply the pilot project in this building. CCB opened us their doors and we are very excited and comitted with this great oportunity to show what we are capable of.

  • Jerónimo Martins - Algoz

    The distribution center of Algoz in Silves serves all the Jerónimo Martins supermarkets in the South of Portugal. They have to keep a cooling solution running 24/7. Our goal was to ease the monitoring of the cooling solution providing also real time information in the field.

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