Augment your Industry with a new Reality (AR)

Augmented & Connected Worker
Augmented & Connected Worker
Visual Remote Assistance
Visual Remote Assistance

Why Glartek?

An augmented and connected workforce to increase your operations' efficiency, safety and competitiveness through

Increase operation efficiency

An augmented and connected workforce will allow your industry to improve productivity and safety patterns across any operation.

Ensure security and safety


We ensure workers, processes, and equipment safety, through 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) guidance and IoT contextual information. 

Augment workers’ capabilities


Ensure that any worker performs even the most complex tasks, with just the right support and mobility tool.

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Augmented and connected workforce Renault Case Study

“Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.”

Constantino Pinto

Technical/Maintenance Director
Augmented and connected workforce EDP quote

“The Glartek product, with augmented reality capabilities, allows our field technicians to perform inspections and maintenance processes faster, with fewer errors and at the exact location, while managers have immediate feedback and ensure that tasks are done correctly."

Patrícia Rebelo

Head of Efficiency at EDP

Augmented and connected workforce Sotecnica quote

“With Glartek, we reduced training efforts and guaranteed greater flexibility in assigning maintenance tasks to different employees. At the same time, field employees perform tasks with greater speed and quality and managers can focus on the return generated by the tasks.”

Miguel Macedo

Business Unit Manager


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