Improving Pharmaceutical Operations 

Improve operational excellence, quality and compliance


Connected Worker in pharmaceutical

Transform your pharmaceutical operations by converting paper-based procedures with our Connected Worker solution. Streamline compliance, boost productivity, and ensure quality with digital guidance, real-time monitoring, centralised documentation, and collaborative tools. 

Transforming Pharma Operations

Lab Inspections

Guidance through inspections (eg: 5S, 5M) with step-by-step instructions to evaluate equipment and procedures accordingly with each laboratory.

Line Changeover

Step-by-step guidance of complex line changeover workflows, through mobile and hands-free devices, improving standardization.

Line Clearance

Detailed digital checklists to verify if work areas are clean, organized and ready for the next process, ensuring there are no cross contamination risk.

Batch Record 

Digital capture and validation of batch recordsallowing operators to automatically record and scan data, observations, and values, improving accuracy and reducing errors.

Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Updated equipment manuals, troubleshooting guides, and maintenance schedules reducing downtime and ensuring compliance with maintenance protocols.

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Streamline regulatory compliance audits (eg: GMP, EHS) with complete checklists and secure access to files. Capture data, record findings and flag deviations, for instant oversight.


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Unlocking Productivity, Efficiency & Compliance in Pharmaceutical Industry

Enhanced Guidance and Execution

Ensure step-by-step guidance through digital instructions to streamline research and manufacturing workflows.

  • Digital Instructions: Digital work instructions step-by-step, ensuring accuracy and adherence to safety standards.
  • Hands-Free Execution: Access files and instructions hands-free through wearables, reducing the risk of contamination in sterile environments.
Reinforced Assurance and Risk Reduction

Monitor and control all laboratorial procedures to mitigate risks and control eventual deviations.

  • Monitoring: Monitoring of equipment, lines, and conditions allied with predictive analysis to enable early detection of issues.
  • Instant Alerts:  Instant alerts to address hazards immediately, minimizing risks and helping to maintain safety protocols.
Improved Efficiency and Decision Making

Gather useful insights and make data-driven decisions to increase pharmaceutical operations efficiency. 

  • Real-Time Data: Access to the most recent information in real time, reducing approval times and speeding up processes.
  • Clear Insights: Real-time data status, dashboards, and reports ensure that every decision taken is by the current scenario.
Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Comply with strict pharmaceutical regulations and keep all documentation accessible and up to date.

  • Audit Trail: Every step is completely tracked, logged, and accessible, making audit trails efficient and clear.
  • Internal Audits: Compliance assessment with GxP regulations to identify non-compliance issues

“With Glartek's platform, we are finally able to keep our most experienced employees centralized, and consequently, our experts are able to solve more customers’ requests than before. Fortunately, both our junior workers and customers are learning how to perform operations they didn’t know before, which improved our operational efficiency and results.”

All in one platform

A Reliable Solution For All Your Needs

GxP Compliant

Ensure pharmaceutical compliance requirements like GMP, GDP, and more with pre-configured templates.

Adaptable to Regulations

Easily configure and adapt workflows to meet evolving regulatory requirements with a no-code template builder.

Real-Time Monitoring

Gain instant visibility into processes, equipment status, and quality metrics with clear dashboards and reports.

Adaptable to Regulations

Easily configure and adapt workflows to meet evolving regulatory requirements with a no-code template builder.

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