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Connected Frontline Work as the new manufacturing reality

Your no-code, customisable Connected Worker platform enables you to augment your front line team and provide them with digital guidance. 

Paper and Pulp connected worker Paper operations Manufacturing paper and pulp

Transform paper-based procedures using an Augmented & Connected Worker solution to achieve real-time visibility, increased support during task execution, and global process optimization.

Manage all procedures such as SOPs, Audits, LOTOTO, and more in one place

Digitize all your maintenance tasks and centralize all information related to industrial procedures. You can then schedule, review, and adjust plans in real time to ensure the efficiency of your teams.

Support frontline workers for improved safety

Frontline workers will have their autonomy reinforced as they can contact remote specialists to help them carry out maintenance, troubleshooting, machine set up, and training.

Visual Remote Assistance Glartek
Track and monitor operations data in real-time

Track operations in real and extract relevant data to help inform decision-making. Automated reports and dashboards present data in different formats and help achieve operational excellence.

Manage tasks, teams and operations in one place
CME digital transformation Adoption of Connected Worker

"Thanks to an Augmented Workforce, we enabled a team that can do anything way faster, while at the same time do not require training that takes a lot of time. And we have perceived this change on the workers efficiency on our overall results in only a few months of having the solution implemented."

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples

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