Empowering Operational Excellence 

Ensure safety for your frontline team

Your no-code, customisable Connected Worker platform enables you to augment your front line team and provide them with digital guidance. 

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Transform paper procedures into a single Augmented & Connected Worker solution to achieve real-time visibility, support for execution, and global process optimisation.

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Access Guides, Workflows, Checklists in real-time

Access information in the right place at the right time. Oversee all your operations using a single platform and increase workers’ visibility on shop floors.

Get experts assistance remotely, without having to travel to the site

Using the Visual Remote Assistance platform, workers can directly contact specialists to help them resolve technical issues and carry out complex maintenance procedures.

Provide support for inspections, audits, maintenance tasks

Augment workers’ skills. Digital mobility tools and augmented step-by-step guides allow frontline workers to efficiently execute more tasks while ensuring their safety.

Create automatic alerts and notifications to flag safety issues

Enable frontline workers to quickly and efficiently notify managers and other operators about any unexpected breakdowns, maintenance needs, or quality issues.

Manage tasks, teams and operations in one place

“Glartek helped us increase our overall efficiency and quality KPIs. Digitizing our SOPs on the platform allowed us to quickly perform updates and react to changes, which were promptly communicated to the shop floor.”

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples

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