Empowering Operational Excellence 

An Augmented & Connected team in the Automotive Industry

Your no-code, customisable Connected Worker platform enables you to augment your front line team and provide them with digital guidance. 

Automotive manufacturing digitalization Connected worker for automotive

Transform paper procedures into a single Augmented & Connected Worker solution to achieve real-time visibility, support for execution, and global process optimisation.

Digitize all tasks and procedures in one place

Ensure an Augmented & Connected team by reducing paper-based processes. Provide your team with digital checklists to support more efficient and safe executions. 

Augmented worker's skills for more autonomous tasks

Empower your employees to operate with greater autonomy. Ensure an Augmented & Connected frontline team, and, ensure all workers can access visual remote assistance at any time. 

Enable predictive maintenance for improved decision-making

Establish an Augmented & Connected team with real-time access to all relevant data and automated reports. Achieve greater visibility of equipment behaviors and actions to take to reduce unexpected downtime. 

Manage tasks, teams and operations in one place
Renault Factory Renault digital transformation Renault tech adoption

“Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.”

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples

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