A new way to optimize your plant's results

A connected and augmented team to improve productivity, efficiency, and, safety of all operations.

Increase results through your Digital Transformation

Increase efficiency

A connected and augmented worker to improve efficiency.

Grow new capabilities

Increase frontline workers’ skills with more shop floor mobility.

Digital compliance

Facilitate access to information and task validation.

Eliminate paper use

Reduce paper-based processes by digitizing operations data. Provide your team with digital checklists to support a more efficient and safe execution.

One-man operations

Empower your employees to operate individually. Enable visual remote expert help for any employee. And, provide execution support, minimizing risk.

Enable predictive maintenance

Organize your assets, with IoT data, and achieve greater visibility of equipment behaviors and actions to take to reduce unexpected downtime.

Our products

Improve shop floor mobility by providing workers with 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) mobility

GlarAssist is the first-ever free enterprise-grade Augmented Reality Remote Assistance product.

The Internet of Things data to optimize your performance. Acquire new data and improve decisions.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!