Glartek delivers its Augmented & Connected Worker Platform on 5G Mobile Edge Computing from Microsoft

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform has been integrated into Microsoft Azure private 5G multi-access edge compute (MEC) solution to help drive digital transformation for organizations and industries around the world.

Lisbon, Portugal – 28th of February, 2024 – Glartek, a provider of the Augmented &Connected Worker solution for manufacturing and asset-intensive industries, has today announced the integration of its product with Microsoft’s Azure Enterprise grade 5G MEC environment. Customers can now take advantage of the Glartek product on the Microsoft Azure private MEC solution.

Microsoft Azure private  MEC solution enabled operators to provide high performance, low-latency connectivity, and IoT and Augmented Reality applications for factory & industry leading the digital transformation movement. This solution incorporates a combination of Network Function products, management services, and hardware infrastructure and services.

By integrating with this solution, Glartek’s platform joins Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program. As a result, by leveraging 5G’s capabilities within a private network, Glartek’s product enables innovation for operations based on new Augmented Reality experiences and real-time IoT data access and improves user experience overall. Ultimately, it is possible to ensure all safety and productivity standards are met during operational processes.

Glartek enables customers to access its product hosted on  Microsoft Azure private MEC using a secure and high-performance network. This guarantees that use cases relying on low latency can run uninterrupted and customers can efficiently manage their operations. Some examples include digital instructions, real-time data collection, visual remote assistance, knowledge management, and training.

Together, Glartek and Microsoft are working to help customers transform their businesses, and are delivering impactful, human-centered solutions that can help enterprises enter a new age of productivity. Glartek Augmented & Connected Worker platform is available on the Azure Marketplace, an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure.

“The opportunity to integrate with Microsoft Azure private  MEC is an opportunity to continue empowering businesses through the introduction of 5G and high-connectivity solutions. The interception of Microsoft’s solution and Glartek’s Augmented & Connected Platform will enable enterprises to enter a new stage of operational excellence and continuous improvement,”

Bruno Duarte, CEO, Glartek

“Microsoft Azure helps Glartek deliver solutions that allow customers to focus more on their operations and less on managing infrastructure,” said Shawn Hakl, Vice President, Product Management, Azure for Operators at Microsoft. “The Augmented & Connected Worker solution addresses a variety of issues related to the manufacturing and asset-intensive sectors and allows customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Azure provides.”

Shawn Hakl, Vice President, Product Management, Azure for Operators at Microsoft

About Glartek

Glartek, founded in 2017, is a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the industry. Its mission is to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. Glartek’s software solutions combine the Connected Worker technology with AR, AI / ML, and IoT comprehensive capabilities to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance to field operations. Its wide range of customers varies from asset-intensive companies such as EDP and Manufacturing companies, such as Renault. Glartek headquarters are in Lisbon, Portugal, and has raised over €1.5M in venture capital.