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At Glartek we are committed to developing cutting-edge technology and exploring new possibilities. Merge your skills with our know-how and technology to expand the boundaries of industrial operations and field services.


Collaborating with IT, consultancy, hardware, and software providers.

External expertise and unique strategic insights are the key to changing the reality of businesses worldwide. Combine your expertise with our technology today!


Cooperation is key to true progress and development.

Glartek is part of different organizations that connect providers and developers with businesses looking for solutions and transformation.

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This is your opportunity to partner with a unique and pioneer technology provider. Our expanding ecosystem of partners consists of companies working in different sectors but with a common goal: to make a real change in field and shop floor operations.

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"With Glartek, we enrich our portfolio with a technologically advanced and innovative product. Whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated into more complete use cases, we believe that Glartek will be an asset for the Digital Transformation of our customers."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Our sales team is here to help. Get in touch with us for any inquiries, and we’ll be happy to assist.

You can become a partner by filling in our partner form and formally applying to join our partners’ ecosystem. We will then review your profile and understand how we can work together. We then get back to you with a detailed partnership program that will work as the starting point for this new collaboration.
At Glartek we are committed to constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of industrial technology. We believe that by continuously updating and optimizing our technology we can meet the needs of organizations. While partnering with us you will also have access to a wide network of organizations (including manufacturers, service providers, consultancy providers, and R&D centers, among others), you will have access to cutting-edge technology, and help shape the future of shop floor and field activities.
Yes, our software is entirely customizable. It is possible to tailor the platform according to your preferred colors and upload your logo. This can be done autonomously by companies operating the platform.
Yes, we provide different types of training proposals focusing on different topics with different price ranges. In addition, we also have a help center featuring detailed articles, guides, relevant documents, and videos. You can also contact us via email or using our live chat available 24/7.

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