Quality Control

Maintenance, production, safety, quality, inspection, audits and much more procedures can be digitised with the new Augmented & Connected Worker solution.

What is a Quality Control?

A Shutdown & Turnaround process is a planning process in which an industrial facility goes through a scheduled shutdown in order to perform maintenance tasks that couldn’t be performed otherwise.

quality control
How is the Quality Control implemented?

Quality patterns are determined by the quality management team. These patterns are specified in processes and furthermore verified by field-workers accordingly. It can be implemented to verify the quality of products, equipment or even process supervision. Independently from the type of quality control executed, the process must follow 4 main steps, to ensure its efficiency.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Augmented Reality (AR) Checklists

The platform helps with workflow organisation by enabling step-by-step augmented reality (AR) guides and real-time information to ensure the conformity of every operation.

Digital Work Instructions manufacturing Comissioning digital instructions
Operations analytics manufacturing data operations Automated reports platform connected worker
Analytics & Automated Reports

The process can be simplified with clearer instructions and easier access to workflow information. In addition, execution outputs are automatically recorded on digital platforms, which generate reports and dashboards of processes in real-time.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

By being provided with digital work instructions and AR Checklists, quality control execution is guaranteed. The quality control process can be executed by any worker with the correct information, which reduces workers’ needs. Additionally, continuous improvement will become a strategic pillar with regular analysis of the outputs extracted from quality control walks.

Cleaning industry Changeover Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit Single-Minute Exchange of Dies

How can Glartek help?

Additionally to our data centralisation platform in which processes are digitised, different inputs are centralised and automated reports are extracted from quality control execution. Data can be collected in real-time in the form of digital checklists that workers must complete. Therefore, workers are not biased while analysing the quality of the products. Visual evidence can also be provided by field workers, which makes the quality managers’ analysis more accurate and efficient.

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