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Global automotive parts manufacturer achieves a 0% error rate

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Part manufacturer

Company Background

The parts manufacturer is a worldwide leader in the production and supply of automotive parts. This supplier covers the manufacturing of a broad range of products, including wiring harnesses (wires, connectors, and subsystems), components, electronics, and interface solutions.

Overall, the automotive group has 141 companies, over 230 000 employees, and an average annual revenue of $13.1 billion.

The Challenge

Operating in a demanding and fast-paced industry, the parts manufacturer needed to optimize its firewall workstation operations in Europe. Managers struggled to provide efficient training and procedural guidance. As a result, operations were error-prone and difficult to monitor. 

Complex paper-based work instructions

Frequent errors

No training software

Procedures couldn't be reviewed or managed

Part manufacturer

The solution

To tackle the challenges previously mentioned, paper-based work instructions in firewall workstation operations were eradicated. This was
done by digitizing all work instructions and centralizing all relevant information
in a single no-code platform.

The Augmented & Connected Worker (ACW) platform enabled new management capabilities and AR-powered real-time guidance for task execution and training.

Overall, the Augmented & Connected Worker approach included the following aspects: 

  • Creation of digital work instructions in a single platform
  • Real-time guidance Augmented Reality (AR) with HoloLens 
  • Approval and management of work instructions in real-time 

The Augmented & Connected Worker Benefits

The changes introduced by the ACW solution allowed for more efficient management of work instructions, error-free tasks, guided procedures, and a new approach to training.

This innovative platform had a direct impact on different sides of operations and translated into the improvement of operational results. The company has now entered a new age of digital and augmented operations which allows for improved efficiency and safety.


Faster training sessions


Production Increase


Error rate

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