EDP achieves an augmented and connected team for standalone tasks - Glartek EDP achieves an augmented and connected team for standalone tasks - Glartek

EDP achieves an augmented and connected team for standalone tasks

Operator using free visual remote assistance to be assisted in the field by an expert


As a leader in the utility sector, EDP is a reference
in the Portuguese market due to its focus in
sustainability and digitalization.

As the 3rd largest utility company in Iberia, EDP has 13 million customers for both electricity and gas solutions. The company has a presence in 14 countries around the world.


The challenge was: How can we reduce our specialized maintenance teams, and still guarantee the conformity of the equipment and the processes? In fact, resident teams were needed per facility, and each one had different qualification levels. This traduced into a lot of costs and resources needed.

The key problem was decomposed into 3 different, but complementary, issues: (1) Information dispersed into 3 different platforms (2) Complex maintenance and inspections procedures, (3) Different levels of expertise and knowledge.

Operations' safety

Equipment, people and service safety is not ensured

High costs

High costs of maintaining teams, experts and junior roles

No autonomy

Operators, either experts or junior, do not have enough autonomy

EDP Augmented and Connected team tools


To reduce maintenance resources, field operators were provided with the a powerful tool that would support them throughout maintenance and inspection processes.

  • Data centralized for a connected team
  • Step-by-step 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) guides
  • Maintenance resources reduced
  • Contextual training with Augmented Reality (AR)

“The Glartek product, with augmented reality capabilities, allows our field technicians to perform inspections and maintenance processes faster, with fewer errors and at the exact location, while managers have immediate feedback and ensure that tasks are done correctly."

Patrícia Rebelo, Head of Efficiency at EDP


A centralized team with real-time information and augmented skills has been able to solve this long time running issue for the utilities leader. Experts are centralized, connected and Augmented throguh a process digitalization tool supported by Augmented Reality (AR) and Visual Assistance for more complex tasks.

100 %

Execution errors are eliminated

30 x

Faster access to information

15 %

Number os specialists trips reduced

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