Global Healthcare Leader Improves Execution Compliance by 96% with Connected Worker Platform

Empowering Pharmaceutical Compliance 

Global Healthcare Leader improves execution compliance by 96% with Glartek's solution


Company Background

The worldwide leader is one of the largest healthcare groups in the pharmaceutical sector, providing medication, nutrition, and infusion therapies to healthcare providers and patients. 

The company employs 40.000 persons and operates in more than 190 countries worldwide (production sites, research & development centers, and distribution hubs), serving healthcare providers across the world with essential healthcare products.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical sector needs to comply with several strict regulations and laws in its industrial procedures. This way, one of this company’s main concerns is compliance, being an integral part of its culture. The company had an increasing need to optimize the accuracy of its operation while continuing to guarantee regulatory compliance and overall operational excellence.

Complex & time-consuming training
Low accuracy during procedures
Lack of understanding of tasks
Poor monitoring and control over operations

The solution

In summary, the solution was progressively implemented being based on main pillars such as SOPs digitalisation, guidance and operational support, and real-time monitoring of procedures. 

  • Digitalisation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Digitalisation of on-the-job training
  • Real-time management and monitoring capabilities
  • Hands-free guidance

Regulatory compliance is crucial in our pharmaceutical operations. With Glartek’s solution, we were able to digitize our SOPs and enhance our workforce comprehension, promoting compliance and adherence to standards.

The Augmented & Connected Worker Benefits

By digitising SOPs, applying new digital tools to training, and monitoring all the information in one platform, the company was able to increase its execution accuracy and compliance, enhance training procedures, and augment management capabilities.

22 %

Execution efficiency improvement

50 %

Training time reduction

96 %

Compliance improvement

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