Root Cause Analysis

Maintenance, production, safety, quality, inspection, audits and much more procedures can be digitised with the new Augmented & Connected Worker solution.

What is a Root Cause analysis?

A Shutdown & Turnaround process is a planning process in which an industrial facility goes through a scheduled shutdown in order to perform maintenance tasks that couldn’t be performed otherwise.

root cause analysis example
Root Cause Analysis diagram
How is the Root Cause Analysis implemented?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) helps workers finding the cause of a problem, looking for its origin, and ensure it is not repeated.

Each one of the 4 steps demands a specific inside procedure. Root Causes for a specific event are not always easy to find. Therefore, ensuring good tools to support workers on these operations is key to success.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Work Instructions

Root Cause Analysis can be digitised and track the progress of the process. Thus, the first step is to digitise all the processes necessary for the procedure.

Digital Work Instructions manufacturing Comissioning digital instructions
Operations analytics manufacturing data operations Automated reports platform connected worker
Advanced Reports & analytics

Once the processes are completed and documented, the platform provides advanced reports and metrics to facilitate business critical decision making.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

RCA processes identify issues that decrease efficiency and wasted raw material, human resources and financial resources. Having the correct RCA strategy leads to increased productivity and costs savings.

Cleaning industry Changeover Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit Single-Minute Exchange of Dies

How can Glartek help?

Workers can be guided in real-time with the support of augmented reality. For the factory walkthrough, this can be a plus, since it combines both observation and access to documents and processes, simultaneously.

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