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World’s leading automotive manufacturer reduced error due to an Augmented & Connected Workforce

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An automotive leader digital transformation can translate different methods Only 13% of workers do not use digital devices in daily work activities (Deloitte, 2018).  But what will happen with jobs that can not be automated? That’s why the Augmented Worker has emerged. 

One of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, with tens of primary locations globally and tens of thousands of employees. This innovative group has a production volume of hundreds of thousands of units per year, and, boosts different brands of buses and heavy, medium, and light-size trucks, with combustion, hybrid, and electric engines.


Aware of these recent challenges, the company count on new technological solutions to improve their operations. The manufacturer designed and managed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in traditional IT tools. These were then printed and made available on the shop floor for operators to check the work instructions and to monitor the production. This old fashioned way of working was proving to be very costly:

Inefficient operations

Inefficient planning and production due to the complex and slow creation and change management process (e.g., new vehicles or production volumes)

Frequent production errors

Repeated and avoidable errors happen. Operators make mistakes due to poor communication or misunderstood exchanges.

Training length

Training is long and expensive due to the traditional methods that are used: room training, or lengthy on-the-job shadowing to bring operators up to speed.


GlarVision combines Augmented and Connected workers to ensure that operations are more efficient and safe. By digitizing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), workers accessed checklists on their devices in real-time and were guided through execution with Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Desktop interface to create SOPs: Digitized process with configurable workflows, steps, and media support.
  • Monitoring and management capabilities – Aggregated data, alerts, dashboards, automated reports to help with decision making.
  • Mobile app and station screen: Operators have a mobility app and a screen on each assembly station to see work instructions and input data.
  • Augmented Reality training: Operators can use out-of-the-box AR mode to help them execute the tasks and autonomous training.

“GlarVision helped us increase our overall efficiency and quality KPIs. Digitizing our SOPs on the platform allowed us to quickly perform updates and react to changes, which were promptly communicated to the shop floor. The Augmented Reality support is a useful capability to help train our operators.”


The manufacturer migrated the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with assembly work instructions to GlarVision. As a result, the manufacturer was able to streamline the creation and management of SOPs, improved shop floor communication and reduce training cost:

5 x

Faster planning and reaction time

100 %

Paper free based processes

2 x

Faster room and on-the-job training

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