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What is a 5S Audit Procedure?

5S is a systematic audit process aimed at identifying opportunities for improvement and promoting continuous improvement on the shop floor by organizing and cleaning workspaces, removing unnecessary tools, and promoting efficiency and safety during work processes.

5S Audit

How does a 5S Audit looks like in the Connected Worker platform?

By digitising the process in the platform, each “S” can be part of a workflow to guide the worker. With the correct digital calendars and guides, workers will be able to know which steps to follow to guarantee a correct process execution. 

The 5S Audit Procedure Template


Remove all unnecessary items from the workplace. Select and categorize materials to keep only the necessary ones.

5S Audit


Create a specific location for everything that remains. Organize materials in a way that will facilitate the execution.

5S Audit


Clean and inspect the workplace. Clean the workplace and maintain it organized.

5S Audit


Standardize best practices. Make sure the process becomes regular.

5S Audit


Audit regularly to maintain standards. Guarantee that the process is followed by auditing it regularly.

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5S Audit Template Procedure

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