8D Report Template Problem-Solving Method

8D Report

8D Report Template

Get your Eight Disciplines problem solving method template and import it into Glartek’s platform for efficient problem-solving.

What is 8D?

The 8D (Eight Disciplines) problem-solving methodology is a robust approach used to address and resolve complex issues. Initially developed by Ford Motor Company, it is now widely used across several industries. 

The 8D methodology involves eight critical steps and is highly effective in driving continuous improvement, enhancing product quality, and increasing customer satisfaction by addressing problems at their root.


What does a digitized equipment safety inspection look like?

Digitising an 8D process with the Connected Worker platform enhances problem-solving by enabling real-time collaboration, automate data collection, and standardises documentation. Notifications keep everyone on track, and centralised records are easy to access. Enhanced reporting provides valuable insights, ensuring faster and more effective problem resolution. 

8D Report Template

D1 - Establish the Team

List of team members involved in the project.

8D Report Template Team

D2 - Describe the Problem

Problem definition and relevant details.

8D Report Template Problem

D3 - Implement and Verify Interim Containment Actions

Temporary actions to put in place while determining permanent corrective actions.

8D Report Template Containment Actions

D4 - Define and Verify Root Causes

Possible root causes of the problem.

8D Report Template Root Cause

. . .

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8D Procedure Template
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8D Report Template

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