Near Miss Reporting Template

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What is a Near Miss Reporting Procedure?

Near misses are situations that could have led to serious accidents, injuries, or damage but were narrowly avoided. They serve as warnings, highlighting potential risks and prompting the need for preventive action. With near miss reporting, organizations can record and learn from these incidents, improving safety and preventing future accidents.

How does a digital Near Miss looks like in the Connected Worker platform?

Digitize near miss reporting on our platform for convenient your mobile. Streamline the process, report on-the-spot from the shop floor, and proactively prevent incidents through detailed analysis.

Reporting  Template


Report the most important details such as the type of accident, details of the near miss and what kind of implications it caused to normal activities.


Give more factual details about what happened, how it happened, and evidence of the near miss incident.


Understand what was done during and after the near miss incident in order to control the current situation and prevent future incidents.


Understand if the near miss incident was reported and more importantly if it was communicated to the correct persons/entities. 

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Near Miss Procedure Template

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